SorR betas

BETA V0.30 (25 April 2003)

I had no intention of doing a complete project, it was a private beta, everything was in very early stages, you could consider this the project start.

BETA 1 v0.70 (23 June 2003)

The first public beta, more material was added and was playable, not promising at all.

” Nightwolf Special edition ” v0.85 (August 2003)

The version he worked on was a little more advanced than Beta 1 and it comes with a lot of levels, the pirate boat being one of them.

BETA 2 v1.66 (5 January 2004)

This is the version which made the project known, sensibly better than Beta 1.

BETA 3 v2.51 (11 January 2005)

All of the previous material went directly to the trashcan, 90% of the game was reprogrammed and put it to work at a 320×240 resolution this time.
A menu plenty of options was added thanks to old forum suggestions.

BETA 4 v360 (25 October 2005)

After yet another half year break and the team almost scattered the last beta was released, the game speed was increased, animation times were based on the original ticks and new ideas and material were added, Adam, the police call and the alternate route were added, an attempt to recreate the originals the best possible.

v4.01b (4 January 2007)

Almost a finished product, some bugs but released on date as I promised, unfortunately thanks to the fame many people used this version for own profit.