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News for July 29th, 2009

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

New lot of remixes. This time they’re 3 new remixes by Duke1401. They’re still in WIP state:

  • In the Bar
  • Expander
  • My Little Baby

Get it at

Working on characters

This video basically shows the level of character recreation for the next version. It doesn’t try to show something exact or synchronized but the level of fidelity, because they’re different apps that respond differently to input.

Besides recreating all of the original moves, there will be new ones as well:

 Max powerbomb

SOR3 sunset

  • Colours are swapped very fast in the example. The game will show it slower and smoother.
  • There are no predefined palettes. A time of the day is assigned and the colours adapt to it (it could be used for battle mode rounds).
  • Still WIP. I have to add more colour variety and fix some strange ones, like those at the end of the video.

GP2X WIZ port done

First of all I want to thank Gamepark Holdings for sending me a console to make this happen.

Although the game already works, the port will have the 2P code erased and the rest optimized to work at full 60fps, use of the touch screen for the palette editor et al.

The Wiz.

News for Jun. 24th, 2009

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Almost as usual here’s a new remixes sampler, this time from Gecko Yamori. Rather than remixes, they are new tracks inspired on the following:

  • Cycle I
  • Attack the Barbarian (beta)
  • Wave 131

Newly added/redesigned stages

(SOR3 Shrine)

(SOR1 Factory)

(SOR3 Shrine outside)

(This one was the last scene lacking to complete the SOR2 route)

(City Hall from SOR3, might be a completely different place in v5)

(SOR1 Inner City)

(Some changes and a dynamic screen on the background)

I’ll show some videos from time to time, since the game is taking shape and I can show more advanced things already, but don’t expect too many spoilers. ;)

Full screen rotation on the pirate ship:

(The angle has been corrected, now emulating a real funfair boat)

A sample of the most complex SOR3 stage (not complete yet):

  • Added a free movement camera.
  • Added a scroll lock.
  • Added support for several floors on a single stage.
  • Objects are kept in memory when going in and out of rooms.
  • The camera has been improved for slow movement.

New section added to the blog, with reviews for V4 on different media:

News for June 3rd. 2009

Friday, June 5th, 2009

I decided to keep working on unfinished tasks so there will be varied updates. Here goes the summary:

Route map for V5 (80%)
Stages are being rearranged. Many of them are changing place, shape and connections. There are 2 main interconnected routes, with fork which can become new sub-routes. I hope to get twice the stages I had with v4.

On top of new stages, there’s a plan to update scenes:

(Stage4-1 Sor2)

But it’s not all about changing scenes but also adding new effects and details which were not present in the original ones:

The sun blinds when it’s uncovered by the scenery (this scene still has to be improved).

Cutscene viewer (100%)

The old menu has been redesigned and a new tab for watching the cutscenes grouped by stage has been added.

Palette editor (100%)

A button for choosing the different versions of a character has been added. There are new palettes for characters too, being more complex and based on alternative palettes from SOR2, SOR3 and BKIII.

Improved hit boxes

As expected, collisions are being improved for both characters and enemies.

Logo change option (not finished)

  • The game logo can be changed on Miscellaneous option (the SOR logo will be the default one).
  • Some little details will change as well, such as the window name.

Store points count (99%)

  • Points are based on collecting certain items during the game.
  • There bonus and penalties based on some factors, such as using the stage selector.

Other improvements and bugfixes
1. If you hit an enemy the moment it lands from a jump it slides before flying backwards (fixed).
2. After using a continue with the start button, the game pauses if the button is kept pressed (fixed).
3. Characters falling off a precipice are shown above the talk boxes (fixed).
4. CPU partner can choose whether continuing or not (absurd AI), and it can choose palettes or versions (added).
5. When an enemy is thrown off a precipice and its healthbar is shown, if you jump you get slowed down (fixed).
6. The ESC key was kept pressed when keeping it pressed in the menu (Note from translator: what?) (fixed).
7. When loading a savestate of a gamepad-played game and not finding any gamepad, the game shows an alert (added).
8. Better fades: game over, demo mode, etc (added).
9. Enemies can’t hit you while you are sneexing (added).
10. When you are thrown shots can hit you (fixed).
11. You can pause the game in the stage clear message (fixed).
12. Enemies are now unharmed by their own throws (added).
13. If a character finished the stage while dying without having time to respawn, it will reappear just to die instantly (fixed).
14. The revenge menu in the battle mode could be paused, resulting in you controlling two menus at once (fixed).
15. Objects like trash cans break when the stage boss dies (fixed).
16. Bug in the fading of the select character screen (fixed).
17. Objects sync in vertical scroll improved (added).
18. With the no SOR3 items mode activated, if there is food and a weapon at the same place you might end getting up the weapon before the food (added).
19. When a biker is knocked down offscreen its bike doesn’t come into the screen (fixed).
20. Bikes sliding out of the screen don’t explode (fixed).
21. Grenades that rebound against a wall/object don’t explode and can be picked up again (fixed).
22. The menu remembers the last positions in every submenu, making navigation faster (added).
23. Bug concerning the versus select character screen (fixed).
24. Added weapon reflexes on the ground (not shadows) (added).
25. Enemies that laugh when the played dies get knocked down when the player respawns without finishing the animation (fixed).
26. Bug concerning the AI outside the story mode (fixed).
27. Added support for more enemy names than the default ones (when typing new ones in the name editor) (added).
28. Added a block in the stage selector, now you have to visit them before being able to select them (added).

29. Added filters and graphic modes in the initial configuration menu (added)

30. If there’s an earthquake when the stage clear message is going to be shown, the screen elements might get out of the screen (fixed).
31. If a ninja jumps and goes out of the screen before throwing shurikens they don’t appear (fixed).
32. When you continue you can choose locked palettes (fixed).
33. When continuing, the last selected character will be shown instead of the favourite one, which will be used for the select character screen (added).
34. Improved the way in which characters go out of the screen when they don’t have to go to a specific spot (added).
35. When entering a scene you can now see how the lifebar fills up from scratch as in the original games (added).
36. If you hit a container object on the screen limit, its item might disappear (fixed).

From now on, the blog updates will consist of monthly compilations. The forum threads to know about the small updates as they happen are:



News for April 21st, 2009

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

STEP 8 (70 %)
And here it is, a new update packed with new features. Like in the last one we start with remixes, Moon and The Poets II from Groovemaster303 and Shinobi Reverse from Duke1401, which you might have listened to already if you are a forum regular.

- Moon
- Poets II
- Shinobi reverse

Shiva shows his new animation for weapon attacks.

Thought Electra had enough with just her whip? Then imagine a combat system with 2 weapons at once. :)

Collision boxes

I’ve used the original hit effects from SOR, so we can clearly see where the hit comes from. Every hit is now located right. Both SOR2 and SOR3 use different collision systems, but I decided to base the v5 one on the SOR2 only for all of the characters because it’s a more refined system; the hit location can be different in every frame, so for example Max hits with his head when rolling forward.

Fix sound effects
Hit SFX have been added/fixed for every move of every character. Moreover, there is a bug in SOR3 that cancels the special moves SFX, but these sounds do exist and will be there in v5.

SOR3 weapon system

One of the new features from SOR3/BKIII was the chance of breaking a weapon. Every weapon in particular had a different name and a different endurance bar, so this has been added to the SOR3 weapon system. The new features for v5 are:

  • The weapons will only wear down when hitting something. Originally they would wear down when performing a special move without hitting anything as well.
  • Grenades in SOR3 mode can now explode in your hands, because their lifebar will drain automatically as a countdown.
  • The guns usefulness has been improved: the number of bullets left will show up on screen, the bazooka will have now 3 missiles and the rifle will have more ammo.

* One of the cheats will allow to use the SOR3 weapon system without wearing them down.

SOR2 score system
The score we’ll get will match the SOR2 original one for all of the characters, so to get an extra life we’ll have to kill the same number of enemies.


There was a design concept on the last update, this is the final one.
There will be new quotes for every character combination possible, but in this screenshot original ones from BKIII are shown.


There was too much info to show everything on a single screen, so after pressing a button on the quote screen this grid will be shown. In this case I chose to bring both Shivas face to face so you can see the portraits on the stats grid are dynamic too, they change depending on the character version we play. Empty boxes appear to keep the design complete even though we have no characters to fill them with yet; the order for the portraits will be the buy order as in the select screen.
Unlike in v4, the screen will remain until a button is pressed.


Since new functions have been added, a new menu was needed to handle them all:

  • Game title (Streets of Rage / Bare Knuckle)
    It’s a nod to the original version. It will change the logo and specific details.
  • Song titles (Yes / No)
    In a previous update I said that to show them in-game we had to change the name of a file, but we won’t need to do that thanks to this option. ;)
  • Stage opening
    * SOR: does a screen fade like the one in SOR2 and 3.
    * Theatre: the one in v4.
    * Lines: another screen fade graphics effect.
    * Fast fade: a faster effect to speed the transition between stages up.
  • Stage destruction (Yes / No)
    Explosions can damage the scenery with this option on. We might take into account that, in some places of the game, parts of the screen might be destroyed, or even the ground might be destroyed to fall off to another floor, but those are scripted events and won’t be missed if this option is disabled.
  • Star system moves
    * B button: the Forward+Forward+B attack is replaced.
    * X button: this option is for people who want the basic attack to stay in the Forward+Forward+B. In this case, Forward+Forward+X will execute the upgraded move in case we have any star, otherwise the character will do nothing.
    (This option will replace the language selection one in the screen, which has been moved).