News for Nov. 11th, 2009

This time I wanted to do a full update, because it’s one of the last few there will be.
The game progresses very well and the game release, if there are no setbacks, is near. The exact date will be announced in this blog a week before the release, so you can subscribe to the RSS feed to get it as soon as it’s published.

New and last set of remixes, from Duke:
Ready funk
Back to the industry


Implementing this into the engine took an entire week. In beat ‘em ups vectors are commonly used, but it’s essential for making SORMaker mods easily.

  • Wall collisions are controlled by the map.
  • Characters can slide along some walls just by pressing up or down (SOR3).
  • Pits have been added, now they work as they should.
  • Unlike the original games, different pit types have been added:
    • Fall and die (SOR1)
    • Fall and come up again (SOR3)
  • The enemy IA has been improved to avoid jumping right into a pit.
    • When creating a SORMaker mod you have to take into account that some enemies’ way of moving is jumping, so these ones will likely end falling into pits; people will need to use the hardness map and enemy placement wisely.

This is the definitive list of official ports for the game:

  • Windows
  • Linux (x86)
  • Wiz

Alongside the game, information about how to port it to other platforms will be provided as well as minimal requirements. In fact, if someone is interested in porting I can give them the information since the port is actually done for the language the game is programmed in and not of the game itself.

There’s a high chance of getting it ported to Wii and XBox, but unless the ports are already done they will not be there for the game launch and/or they might not be official or adapted independently like the Wiz one.

100% done, there are some things adapted from the PC versions.

  • Redesigned menu so options meant for 2 players are not shown.
  • Added touchscreen controls for the name and palette editors.
  • Some options are blocked (specially video related ones). The optimal ones have been chosen and can’t be modified.
  • 60 FPS using a 1 or 2 frameskip in some places. I will try to improve this point.


The controls map is predefined.

Virtual keyboard

A virtual keyboard has been added for all versions, so in any port the editors will stay functional.

ENEMIES (43/64)

Video of Vehelits in an early stage of development:

Some snapshots:

To read in depth about enemies’ improvements:

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