News for Sept. 15th, 2009


There are still 5 characters to be completed. 2 of them are quite advanced, like Adam here batting Big-Ben.


Characters and enemies are two of the basic pillars for the game. While I get the rest of the material to finish the characters this will be the bulk of the next updates.


At the same time we’re working on remaking some stages, so there’s no point on using the step list anymore since everything is being worked simultaneously.
New scroll planes and different textures have been added to the stage, but I don’t discard making some changes (JPG blurs the image a bit).


Every playable character will have a profile. Characters without portraits will have now their own personal ones just like Shiva here. (The info shown in the image is WIP).


+ Vsync added.
+ “Collision type” option added:

  • Sor2 : Hits are shown wherever the character collision box is.
  • Sor3 : Hits are shown on the clash point between two characters.
  • Pixel : Hits work like in SOR3 and collisions work at pixel-level precision.
    (although this last option is more realistic it can affect gameplay, since SOR is based on collision boxes that don’t have to necessarily be in contact with the player).

** We’re studying the way to add 16:9 and 3x zoom support.

Complete list of corrections :
1. Menu scroll bug after playing a game and going back to the menu. (fixed)
2. Having Caps Lock on won’t let you type in the profile editor. (fixed)
3. The enemy lifebar doesn’t show up when that enemy burns you. (fixed)
4. A stage selected with the stage selection cheat is left marked if you go back to the menu and choose any other game mode. (fixed)
5. Improved the position for some holds in fast moves. (+)
6. Barrels on the conveyor belt could be passed through. (fixed)
7. Debugging holds on the conveyor belts. (done)
8. SOR1/2 characters will be able to do the + A special move while holding an enemy. (+)
9. Walking over an item when there’s a nearby enemy, pressing the attack button will make the player attack the enemy instead of stopping to get the item. (+)
10. Even when you die there could be enemy lifebars on your scoreboard (specially because of cheats). (fixed).
11. When there are bikers and a player loses a continue, those die one after another. (fixed)
12. When a player holds a weapon in SOR3 mode and is thrown by another player, the weapon will appear sticked on the fall (TN. What?). (fixed)
13. You can pause a battle before the Round 1 Start message appears, but the proper message doesn’t pause. (fixed)
14. Firearms counter blinks when there are no bullets left. (fixed)
15. Like in SOR3, characters leave their weapons before going to a new stage. It’s not available in the SOR2 weapons mode or if there’s a cheat activated. (+)
16. Different flying heights for enemies after being hit are not used when they die. (fixed)
17. Characters don’t have different fall height levels when another character hits them. (fixed)
18. Player 2 in volleyball mode never ran out of hits. (fixed)
19. Added momentum for the SOR3 jump type. If a character doesn’t run sufficiently the momentum will be reduced. (fixed)
20. Added lag when Y is pressed so the player can’t spam the combo finishing move (like in SOR3). (+)
21. Several bugs on Bongo’s flame. (fixed)
22. Added a recovery time span after a fall, where the character can’t be hit or held (SOR3). (+)
23. Same walking and running speed as in the original games. (+)
24. Only SOR3 Axel can throw a knife while walking. (+)
25. Characters can enter a stage running now (SOR3). (+)
26. Removed the stage’s initial lag, where characters didn’t react for an moment. (+)
27. Enemies have a strange way to hit characters in the air. (fixed)
28. There were some death bugs that caused a Time Over. (fixed)


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