News for July 29th, 2009

New lot of remixes. This time they’re 3 new remixes by Duke1401. They’re still in WIP state:

  • In the Bar
  • Expander
  • My Little Baby

Get it at

Working on characters

This video basically shows the level of character recreation for the next version. It doesn’t try to show something exact or synchronized but the level of fidelity, because they’re different apps that respond differently to input.

Besides recreating all of the original moves, there will be new ones as well:

 Max powerbomb

SOR3 sunset

  • Colours are swapped very fast in the example. The game will show it slower and smoother.
  • There are no predefined palettes. A time of the day is assigned and the colours adapt to it (it could be used for battle mode rounds).
  • Still WIP. I have to add more colour variety and fix some strange ones, like those at the end of the video.

GP2X WIZ port done

First of all I want to thank Gamepark Holdings for sending me a console to make this happen.

Although the game already works, the port will have the 2P code erased and the rest optimized to work at full 60fps, use of the touch screen for the palette editor et al.

The Wiz.

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