News for Jun. 24th, 2009

Almost as usual here’s a new remixes sampler, this time from Gecko Yamori. Rather than remixes, they are new tracks inspired on the following:

  • Cycle I
  • Attack the Barbarian (beta)
  • Wave 131

Newly added/redesigned stages

(SOR3 Shrine)

(SOR1 Factory)

(SOR3 Shrine outside)

(This one was the last scene lacking to complete the SOR2 route)

(City Hall from SOR3, might be a completely different place in v5)

(SOR1 Inner City)

(Some changes and a dynamic screen on the background)

I’ll show some videos from time to time, since the game is taking shape and I can show more advanced things already, but don’t expect too many spoilers. ;)

Full screen rotation on the pirate ship:

(The angle has been corrected, now emulating a real funfair boat)

A sample of the most complex SOR3 stage (not complete yet):

  • Added a free movement camera.
  • Added a scroll lock.
  • Added support for several floors on a single stage.
  • Objects are kept in memory when going in and out of rooms.
  • The camera has been improved for slow movement.

New section added to the blog, with reviews for V4 on different media:

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