News for April 21st, 2009

STEP 8 (70 %)
And here it is, a new update packed with new features. Like in the last one we start with remixes, Moon and The Poets II from Groovemaster303 and Shinobi Reverse from Duke1401, which you might have listened to already if you are a forum regular.

- Moon
- Poets II
- Shinobi reverse

Shiva shows his new animation for weapon attacks.

Thought Electra had enough with just her whip? Then imagine a combat system with 2 weapons at once. :)

Collision boxes

I’ve used the original hit effects from SOR, so we can clearly see where the hit comes from. Every hit is now located right. Both SOR2 and SOR3 use different collision systems, but I decided to base the v5 one on the SOR2 only for all of the characters because it’s a more refined system; the hit location can be different in every frame, so for example Max hits with his head when rolling forward.

Fix sound effects
Hit SFX have been added/fixed for every move of every character. Moreover, there is a bug in SOR3 that cancels the special moves SFX, but these sounds do exist and will be there in v5.

SOR3 weapon system

One of the new features from SOR3/BKIII was the chance of breaking a weapon. Every weapon in particular had a different name and a different endurance bar, so this has been added to the SOR3 weapon system. The new features for v5 are:

  • The weapons will only wear down when hitting something. Originally they would wear down when performing a special move without hitting anything as well.
  • Grenades in SOR3 mode can now explode in your hands, because their lifebar will drain automatically as a countdown.
  • The guns usefulness has been improved: the number of bullets left will show up on screen, the bazooka will have now 3 missiles and the rifle will have more ammo.

* One of the cheats will allow to use the SOR3 weapon system without wearing them down.

SOR2 score system
The score we’ll get will match the SOR2 original one for all of the characters, so to get an extra life we’ll have to kill the same number of enemies.


There was a design concept on the last update, this is the final one.
There will be new quotes for every character combination possible, but in this screenshot original ones from BKIII are shown.


There was too much info to show everything on a single screen, so after pressing a button on the quote screen this grid will be shown. In this case I chose to bring both Shivas face to face so you can see the portraits on the stats grid are dynamic too, they change depending on the character version we play. Empty boxes appear to keep the design complete even though we have no characters to fill them with yet; the order for the portraits will be the buy order as in the select screen.
Unlike in v4, the screen will remain until a button is pressed.


Since new functions have been added, a new menu was needed to handle them all:

  • Game title (Streets of Rage / Bare Knuckle)
    It’s a nod to the original version. It will change the logo and specific details.
  • Song titles (Yes / No)
    In a previous update I said that to show them in-game we had to change the name of a file, but we won’t need to do that thanks to this option. ;)
  • Stage opening
    * SOR: does a screen fade like the one in SOR2 and 3.
    * Theatre: the one in v4.
    * Lines: another screen fade graphics effect.
    * Fast fade: a faster effect to speed the transition between stages up.
  • Stage destruction (Yes / No)
    Explosions can damage the scenery with this option on. We might take into account that, in some places of the game, parts of the screen might be destroyed, or even the ground might be destroyed to fall off to another floor, but those are scripted events and won’t be missed if this option is disabled.
  • Star system moves
    * B button: the Forward+Forward+B attack is replaced.
    * X button: this option is for people who want the basic attack to stay in the Forward+Forward+B. In this case, Forward+Forward+X will execute the upgraded move in case we have any star, otherwise the character will do nothing.
    (This option will replace the language selection one in the screen, which has been moved).

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