News for Mar. 13th, 2009

Step 8 (40 %)
I’ve been working on technical improvements for the last three weeks and that is a kind of work I can’t really show, but luckily I have other kind of content I can.

First of all get a sample of the remixes to come, courtesy of Groovemaster303:

- Beatnik on the Ship (WIP)
- Moon Beach
- Stealthy Steps (WIP)

Adam redesign:

He’s been improved both on detail level and movements, because many of them have been redrawn based on his SOR ones.

Motorbikes redesign:

The SOR3 bike is being used now. All of the poses have been changed, like a more natural way to seat, attacks, et al.

The whole roster of characters will have weapon special moves:

If you press the attack button again at the right time you’ll immediately perform another attack.

The whole roster of characters will have moves for the star system:

A step further from BKIII/SOR3, you’ll be able to choose between upgrading the current Forward+Forward+B move or just perform them using the X button.

The whole roster of characters will have team moves:

Taking all of the new things into account, the v4 material is approximately a 40% of what the v5 material is.

Quotes for the battle mode will be present:

This concept is one from before November 2008 and the actual or definitive one will be quite different, but you can see the general idea.

- BKIII/SOR3 has a total of 150 quotes. SORR might come to exceed 900 because of the much bigger player character roster and its combinations.
- Victory poses will be added, like in any fighting game.
* We are very grateful for the excellent work that Redcomet and his team did on the translation of BKIII.

9. Improve animations(75 %)
This is one of the most laborious things I’m doing. Animation does not only have to seem correct but be exact, since the sprites are designed to have specific offsets. The feet position, the gravity center and even the sprite perspective are the things to fiddle with here, as well as getting the original animation timings.
Every character takes about 3 hours of work, so as you might guess just a bunch of the animations from v4 were exact. Did they look good in v4? They will look better now. :)

A Team section has been added to the blog:
I hope the doubts about who is in the team and what do they collaborate in are cleared this way.

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