News for feb. 4th, 2009

Redesign of menu screen.
The background it’s slightly modified, it might have extra changes, but overall it’s practically finished.
- Re-arranged and polished menu and sub-menu screens.
- The Stage Select is now embedded into the main menu, obviously won’t appear until it’s unlocked.
- Now able to select stage in player mode and CPU, something that couldn’t be done in v4 due of the menu’s disposition.

New controller menu.
I’ve re-written all the mapping and controllers’ code.

- Buttons will be highlighted with its corresponding action while assigning keys.
- Added new support for 6 buttons (SOR3)
- The image from the “player 1″ side shows the controller currently used. In case of two connected controllers, the second controller will always be assigned to “player 2″.
- Now all the actions can be modified one by one. It’s not necessary to modify everything to change just one.
- The repeated buttons or keys now alternate to the former position (keys cannot be used twice).

Shop 99% done.
Need to obtain a couple of GFX, but it’s pretty much finished. No spoiler screenshot available.
- There is 34 items to buy.
- From the store, you can view the galleries and the cutscenes in the game.

While waiting for the shop’s GFXs, I’ve gone to another step related with the 6th. This step consists in improving CPU friend and in the following:

Cheats 100 %
With the v4′s cheat’s lack of success, 16 new cheats have been added taking over the old ones. The cheats in v5 are centered in specific things and in gameplay changes.
- They can be activated from the store menu once purchased, it’s not necessary to input the code in the logo screen.
- All the cheats can be accumulated. There can be 15 active cheats since there is a couple which are incompatible together. There could be some crazy effects.
- The cheats can be saved in the configuration. It’s not necessary to activate them every time.

Cheat 9 : ”All the katanas can be turned into Light Sabers”

Special effects in the Light Saber:
- Specific sounds.
- Random cuts in the enemy.
- Attack damage increased over the original katana.

Name of the sound track 100%.
It will be added a txt with all the tracks’ names. At the beginning it was only for the menu, but can be renamed so it appears in the beginning of each stage in Story Mode. This feature can be moved by deleting the txt file.
At the difference of the screenshot, if the same tune is played in between the change of stages, the text won’t be displayed.

New game modes (5%).

- Flags Mode is gone, substituted by Events Mode.
- Added a new secret game mode (both still unfinished).

Evidently, the step 15th woudn’t be completed without following my own order. This is one of the three major tasks to complete, which are characters, enemies and stages, in that order. The goals to achieve are:

1. Improve character files loading (100%)
2. Add/encode the new characters.
3. Add the whole functions of the 6 button configuration (SOR3).
4. Add new sprite animations.
5. Add special moves with stars (SOR3).
6. Add Team Attacks.
7. Improving collision boxes.
8. Enhance physics.
9. Revamp animations.
10. Correct sounds.
11. Optimize code.

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