News for Feb. 16th, 2009

I didn’t have in mind to do this because the program structure was not thought to have it, but seeing that this last week’s progress and the last tests have been very favourable I can announce this new feature. Not everything is finished, I still have to work on the game synchronicity (just started it) and of course betatest it.

(running on the same computer, but I’ve tried it on different ones as well).

Its innards are quite simple, just a peer to peer connection. The following online options have been added to the game menu:


  • A submenu will be shown to configurate the game. As you might guess the number of lives, difficulty level and game style will have to be the same on both ends. These options don’t affect the main game options and are persistent.
  • It’s mandatory to open the TCP/UDP port number 5394, in UNFILTERED mode to be able to establish a connection.


  • In the mod folder there’ll be a text file:

    If playing as client, we’ll just have to type the server IP in that file. Don’t mind the 5395 port in there, it’s used for same-computer connections (testing).
  • The client must connect after the server has been created, otherwise it possibly won’t connect or synchronize.
  • On both cases cheats will be disabled and the game will be forced to run at 60fps.
  • All of the SORMaker mods will be playable online.

While the character material is coming I have set myself to program the online code although I’ve completed some other tasks as well, specially organizing material, such as making the SOR3 6 button system work.


  • 16 more sound channels added, totalling 24.
  • Now every voice has its own sound channel. That’s doesn’t only prevent voice overlapping, but if characters or enemies are hit while shouting they will STFU. In V4 it was too common to die while shouting GRAND UPPER!
  • Moreover, there are some ear-piercing sounds like electrocutions or explosions which will all sound through the same channel to prevent overlapping; no more broken ears. A common example is to fall from above after being killed and hear a loud BOOM when every enemy on screen falls to the ground at the same time; now it’s a cleaner sound.

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