News for Jan. 9th 2009 a.k.a. the Bugdate!

Another small update. I’ve been cleaning the code thoroughly since Monday, I still have to code a platform engine for cliffs and a hardness map for the collisions. The game will then be practically bug-free.

New implementations
1. When getting hit by any kind of object thrown by an enemy, the enemy’s name and lifebar will be shown. (added)
2. Support for incomplete lifebars. (added)

Any percentage works, v4 did only work with incomplete lifebars when the enemy had a single lifebar.

3. Any kind of enemy that can block in SorR will block pipe/pole/bat hits as well.

Fixed bugs
1. If you jump off the elevator and have no more lives the screen will turn black until you continue.
2. Jet’s entrance is ruined if you die and fall from above when he is appearing.
3. When electrocuting any Jet, they will keep electrocuting when if hit again.
4. Ash hits when jumping backwards.
5. If you get knocked down while holding an enemy, that enemy might stay held.

6. SOR2 Galsia/Donovan falling position on the elevator is not the same as in SOR2.
7. The lifebar is overflown sometimes.

8. Enemies can turn even when they’re being hit.
9. A lack of collision resets affects some specific attacks like Bongo’s flame.
10. Thrown barrels or rolling tables don’t throw the player the correct way sometimes.
11. The life drop for being hit by a barrel or a table varies depending on the game status (disproportionate).
12. The B+down jump move hits players twice.
13. Some items are shown before its containers when they’re broken.
14. If you evade Gold/Silver/Bronz’s throw and move vertically they’ll move vertically as well even though they’re still crouched.
15. Zamza lands on his feet when thrown, unlike in SOR2.
16. Collision correction between thrown enemies and players.
17. Collision timing correction for thrown players.
18. Holding time for any kind of enemy that can break from holds (except Barbon) can be wrong under some conditions, specially if you grab them right when they fall from above.
19. Enemies’ shadow can be seen reflected in the air when thrown off a cliff.

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