News for Jan. 18th 2009 – Step 7 complete

Another update, I couldn’t finish step 6 without finishing step 7 first because they’re somehow related.

  • All of the portraits finished: 53 custom ones plus SOR3 ones.
  • Added the SOR1 pause chime.

Select character screen updated

  • Characters ordered by game (SOR1/2/3).
  • Fixed some character attributes.
  • Pressing the police call button will swap between the different versions of a character (when possible). The arrow under the character portrait will show the possibility.

Dynamic menu management

  • Question mark boxes are out. The selection boxes are now centered on screen and only shown when the characters are available.
  • There are 6 buyable characters, for a total of 12 selection boxes.
  • Extra characters are positioned depending on when they are bought. If you don’t want a screen full of characters just buy the ones you like.
  • When choosing, the character will smile.

Game over option

This is just that simply wasn’t in SOR2. You can now finish the game from the continue menu.

Updated in-game character selection

  • Small redesign, more centered.
  • Pressing button A swaps palettes. Since they can be custom palettes a palette sign is needed.
  • Pressing the police call button changes the character version, shown in the portrait.

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