News for Dec. 2nd, 2008

Halfway through this month the whole site will be down for a few days, we’ll be migrating to a new server. There are some news about the game development as well, even though we’ve not put much time into it in November:

1. Finish new palettes (98,5%)
- Seven new palettes added for the truck driver.
2. Fix bad v4 enemy rips (100%)
3. Replace old v4 enemy versions for their new ones (95%)

- Truck driver completed and put into the game

He does not only like to drink, because in case of handling a bottle he’ll use it to hit the players and stab them when it’s broken.
The truck driver is a work started by Valkyrie Ace and finished by Criss.
4. Create new files for new enemies (90 %)
5. Enemies miscellaneous tasks(100 %)
- Finished cuts and dismemberment. In the beginning they were going to have the severed body graphic only when flying, but in the end they will have it on the ground as well:

This is a sword cut, and the explosion type is an horizontal cut.
Both of them can be disabled using the “Blood Y/N” option. There are 16 enemies that can be cut.

6. Finish menu / interface (80 %)
New game options added:
- Weapon style
* SOR1: we can switch our weapons for the ones on the ground and we don’t lose them when holding an enemy.
* SOR2 (the one used in v4): we can switch our weapons for the ones on the ground but we drop them when holding an enemy.
* SOR3: we can’t switch our weapons for the ones on the ground (unless we push the punch+jump buttons) and we don’t lose them when holding an enemy. Weapons have durability bars.
(This option replaces the “Auto save Y/N” one, autosave will always be on now)

- Scoreboard style
* Time. The classic countdown you can see in SOR1 and SOR2.
* Combo. The special system from BKIII that lets us perform special attacks without a health penalty when the gauge bar is full or else get a health penalty based on the gauge level. I specifically say BKIII because the v5 system is based on the BKIII one, more strategic and demanding than the SOR3 one regarding the health penalties. The recharge times and gauge are exactly the same.

* Both. Being far-sighted I’m sure that a few people will want both systems to work at once. This option maximizes the strategic side because the gauge bar needs time to recharge whereas the countdown does not stop.

The combo system is not only present in the story mode, it will work in the minigames too:

(This option replaces the “Time Y/N” one)

- Jump style has been updated with:
* SOR1: the same as the SOR3 one but the player can turn around in mid-air.

New video options added:
- In “game speed” you can choose maximum, before it could only be unlocked with the “sorrspeed” cheat.
- In “graphics mode” the HQ2X, scanline and normal 2x filters have been added. They can be switched pressing the F1 to F5 keys.
- “Scenery shade” added, enables or disables the dynamic shade generated in some scenes. This option replaces the current “Scanlines Y/N” one, which is now merged into the “graphics mode” one.

New sound options added:
- “Ambiance sound” plays a new sound channel depending on the scene. For example, in the beach scenes you will hear the waves. It’s not just a fixed sound; it can be interactive, it can sound far or near, be unbalanced or cease to sound. Who’s never wondered about how would Electra sing in the SOR2 bar?
(This option volume is dependant of the SFX volume. This option replaces the “2D positional sound” which was something experimental)

- “Last breath”:
* SOR1/SOR3: when dying, the enemies scream in the moment they are hit for the last time. Some people say it gives more power to our hits and the enemies death.
* SOR2 (the v4 one): enemies scream when blinking/disappearing on the ground.
(This option replaces “Inverse stereo” since it’s dependant of “2D positional sound”)

- “Voice type”:
* SOR3: there are some differences between the SOR3 and BKIII voices, something that doesn’t happen in the previous games. This option will make use of the SOR3 voices only.
* BKIII: makes use of the BKIII voices only.
* Mix (as in v4): Mixes both of the previous options. Characters like Zan have a wider variety of voices.
(This option replaces “Sound engine” which was of little use)

This step is taking time to be completed, but no doubt it is one of the longest ones along with the next couple (finishing the player characters and enemies completely).

Scene selection redesign

This redesign was part of the 11th step, but I slipped in and got the work done in advance. Long story short, the scene names have been translated into Spanish and the scene selection is now dynamic so it can be put into SORMaker mods. A mod can have 8 stages spanning up to 16 scenes each, for a total of 128 possible different scenes.

Speaking about scenes, this is a new one from Kaleth. :D

(It’s based on the stage 1 from the Genesis/Megadrive Ninja Gaiden Beta)

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