News for Oct. 30th, 2008

Small update. Since it was the winner on the polls, the new portraits will be classic SOR style:

The whole character roster will have 5 different facial expressions, SOR1/SOR2 versions included.

1. Finish new palettes (98 %)
2. Fix badly ripped v4 enemies (100 %)
3. Replace old v4 enemies (90 %)
4. Create new enemies’ files (90 %)
5. Miscellaneous enemy tasks (99 %)

* Fixed all of the enemy jetskis sprites
* Fixed some portraits

6. Finish menu / interface (60 %)
- Unified palette editor (enemies and characters) (100 %)

* Improved background design
* The 4 palettes have been improved. New palettes are: 64 colours, 256 colours, colour scale and a better 16-bit colour palette.
* A button for palette change has been added, so now you can edit the 7 enemy/character palettes. Since the button is very close to the Undo and Reset ones, to avoid pressing those by mistake you can change palettes pressing the A key.
* A button for changing from characters to enemies has been added.
* You can click on the current character sprite to get a specific colour. The red square marks the chosen colour, and when you click on the colours panel that colour will be changed.
* Backup folder created. If we delete or mess the essential palettes up, doing a reset will overwrite them from an external folder. As an added feature you can drag new palettes to that folder so they are backed up too, with a flag telling us which palettes are not backed up.
* Manual RGB colour selection. As you can see in the image, putting the mouse cursor over the R/G/B fields will enable you to directly type a value in, thus not limiting you to the 4 default palettes.

- Name editor (100 %)

* Improved design
* Added a panel for rapidly selecting enemies.
* The “default names” button is akin to the palette editor Reset button: it will restore the enemy’s original names from a backup folder.
* A total of 16 names are editable. The ones void by default are not used in the game unless the random name function is set (see options). SorMaker mods can use them all.
* Names can be 11 characters long, since longer names could overlap the “remaining lifebars” number for enemies that have it.
* The “save” checkbox shows which names have been edited. You can uncheck it to restore the original name of a specific position (the file saving is seamless).

- Menu changes
* Deleted Cheats. They were obsolete, there will be new ones.
* Deleted Unlocked secrets. Not needed because of the shop mode.
* Menu redesign concept. It’s neither an in-game shot nor final.

There is still a lot to do but this is the idea: simplifying the menu, grouping editors in a single option, moving minigames into another one and putting the movie theatre and stage select options into the main game modes (so now you will be able to choose a particular stage with a CPU partner, something not possible before because of the menu distribution).

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