News for Oct. 14th, 2008 – Step 6

Yesterday I kept myself amused by typing the FGFX.dll code into Fenix code. It’s the library in charge of the palette management, and though the Windows and Linux versions will keep it
this could make porting the game to other platforms easier.

As I said on the last update I’m improving the sprite animations.
For example:
v4 v5

1. Finish new palettes (98 %)

New palettes. Ash jumps for joy.

2. Fix bad ripped v4 enemies (100 %)
3. Swap old v4 enemies for their new versions (90 %)
4. Create new files for the new enemies (90 %)
5. Miscellaneous enemy tasks (98 %)

- Over 120 sprites have been fixed due to mismatched palette colours, stray green or fuchsia pixels around the sprite and small errors like shadows to be erased and erroneously shared colours. Thanks to Criss and Daors for helping me with this messy subject. I’ve yet to receive some corrections.

- Cutting and dismembering implemented

* There will be 15 dismemberable enemies, the more basic ones.
* There are 2 dismemberment possibilities: explosions and sword slashing.
* I still have to receive 7 of those 15 enemies and make some adjustments in the enemies pieces and their palettes.

- Electrocution for enemies implemented

Zan is going to be a visually appealing character because of everything he can do. The classic electrocution sound will not be played in this case. We might alter the original so it’s not so shrill.
* There are 42 different custom electrocution sprites. Some types of enemies will use a generic one, though more custom ones might be added later.

- Enemies can burn (finally!)

* There are 3 different kinds of burning animations. Every type of enemy will use the one more fitting to their body size.
* Enemies will actively avoid the fires (not done yet, that’s an AI task).
* This will work either for “perennial” fires and Storm’s molotov cocktails.

As I’ve said, I still have to receive some material to finish this step. In the meantime I’m working on the next one:

6. Finish menu / interface (5 %), goals :
- Finish the enemy palette editor.
- Finish the enemy name editor.
- Finish the shop mode.
- Improve the controls menu.
* New, easier and more intuitive interface.
* 6 button support (like SOR3).
- Add some options to the artwork gallery.
- Add new options and move some options to more fitting submenus.
- Maybe some redesign in some menu options.

This step is going to need quite a lot of work, so it won’t be so fast to finish like the previous ones.

Indeed, Bongo couldn’t hold it back.

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