News for Sept. 3rd, 2008

Here’s a summary of the work done last month. Extra things have been done, specially some material that I’ll be showing as I program it into the game.

Working with palettes

As I commented on the last entry there is a new palette file system for enemies too. This is something that will take some time to completely do because there’s more than 500 different palettes for enemies.

- Every kind of enemy will have a total of 7 alternative customizable palettes.
- Most of the v4 palettes are kept, but some will be added for enemies that had none (for example, Cody).
- There’s no number limit for on-screen palettes (SorMaker).

We want V5 to be released for other systems with limited resources, so I am still optimizing CPU load and memory usage.
The enemy code went from 507KB down to 390KB.

Cutscene viewer
We’ll have a cutscene viewer in SorMaker, a separate EXE whose function will be playing any cutscene you create as we’ll see it in the game. It works through script, although it has no commands but follows a very simple schema:

data\drdahm.png (pathname of the picture file, it might end accepting animated images using FPGs)
0 (comment number to show alongside the image, with 0 meaning no comment)
60 (time the image will be shown expressed in frames, so if the game runs at 60fps this example would be shown during one second)
data\00.ogg (pathname of the audio file that will be played)
0 (number of times the audio file will be played, with -1 meaning infinite loop)
I knew something strange was
going on! (comment, 30 characters per line, 2 mandatory lines per comment. You can type a blank line into a comment.)
1 (flag that tells the program to jump to the next comment if it’s a 1, or to end the cutscene if it’s a 0)
175 (time the comment will be shown expressed in frames)
939 (FPG file graphic number. The portrait for the comment)

Well, I don’t know if I made myself clear, but an example will be provided so you can understand the method better.

Outcome of the above script:

Team attacks
One of the things to be missing from v4 were the team attacks, but now we’ll enjoy them even for characters that didn’t have them before.

Improved enemies
Sonic has been working on redrawing a lot of enemies, with Nora from SOR1 between them. He has drawn the new enemies animations with a lot of detail:

New SOR3 redrawn scene

New textures, columns, colours and glass have been added to this scene.

And more material from the Game Gear Streets of Rage version

Done in 5 scroll layers, the lava uses 2 layers to simulate density.

Suffices to say that these scenes have to be seen in motion, because the JPG distorts the image a lot. ;) (click on them to see them with the correct aspect ratio).

A small WIP music sample for the alien bridge scene is available as well:

- The 36 artworks that Arth drew for v4 will be available from the in-game shop as a single pack (let’s remember that they can be bought with the points you get when ending a game).
- There’ll be a menu to select the new artworks, either the ones that Arth drew or the new ones that are included.

Bug fixing
1. If we keep the attack button pressed while changing scenes, upon release the character will do an attack move. (fixed)
2. If an enemy shoots you, the enemy’s lifebar is not shown. (added)

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