News for Sept. 16th, 2008

Lately I’ve got more time on my hands, and since the new material starts to be quite complete I’ve been managing the files and making a definitive steps list to finish v5. I hope this steps list works as guide for all the people who wants to know about the game progress.

The list consists of 20 steps. I’m currently working on the first four at once since they are very alike, and the rest of them will be worked on in order:

1. New palettes (90%)

There are currently 256 palettes done. Some enemies have as many as 7 different palettes but others don’t need more than a couple of them (since they don’t appear more than twice in the game). Using the palette editor you can create or edit the rest of them to include them in SorMaker.

Some palettes have been corrected as well:

- Barbon: part of the trousers was wrong.
- R.Bear: part of the gloves was wrong.
- Zamza: outermost colour was wrong.
- SOR3 Garcia: knives looked like blood-stained when using a red palette.

** Enemies from steps 2, 3 and 4 have no palettes yet.

2. Work on badly ripped enemies from v4 (80 %)

- SOR3 Jet used 32 colours and was missing frames. (fixed)
- Robot X was resized and was missing frames. (fixed)
- Mr. X. (working on it)
- Zamza used a palette missing a colour, so the rest of palettes were not useable. (fixed)
- Neo X used more than 16 colours, had dirty outlines and was missing frames. (fixed)
- Bruce had dirty outlines and was missing frames. (fixed)
- Mona and Lisa do actually use DIFFERENT SPRITES, they’re twins but their sprites are different. They are missing frames. (working on it)

3. Replace old v4 enemies with their new versions (20%)

- Nora (FPG pending).
- Antonio (sprite set not finished).
- Souther (complete).
- Juggler (FPG pending).
- Rudra (sprite set not finished).
- Haku-oh (FPG pending).
- Truckman (sprite set not finished).
- SOR1 Garcia (sprite set not finished).

4. New files for new enemies (75%)

- SOR1 Bongo (sprite set not finished).
- SOR1 Yasha/Onihime (complete).
- [spoiler] (sprite set not finished).
- Big Ben (complete).
- Kusanagi (complete).
- Storm (complete).
- BKIII Signal (complete).
- SOR3 Electra (complete).
- SOR3 Soozie (complete).
- Slash (sprite set not finished).
- Seeker (complete).

By the time the next blog update is posted they’ll probably be complete.

Does someone remember the original SOR cover?

We’ve looked at it after all, and the new Slash will be very alike:

This will be the new Juggler design:

Groovemaster is working on new music remixes for the game, here you have a WIP sampler. Songs featured, in order of appearance:

- SOR3 Disco
- Alien Power
- SOR3 Mona/Lisa

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