News for July 27th. 2008


You might wonder where did this enemy come from. Well, for the first time we are taking something out of the SOR Master System/Game Gear versions.
It is a strange enemy who doesn’t attack the player characters but chases them around the scenario. The quirk is that when the player hits it, it immediately explodes so it has to be hit from as far as possible; a well timed jab does the trick.
They are dangerous when coming in groups due to possible explosive chain reactions.
The enemy has been redrawn by Kaleth, and there will be more things into v5 coming from these SOR versions.

The truckman

Are you tired of seeing Galsia’s face on the new SorR enemies? No problem, here you have the new truckman, coming right from Valkyrie Ace.

Scene improvements

Wet floor effect, small texture improvements and more detail into the scenery. This is one of the first collaborations from Ricky.

Stage 6 SOR 1

But in v5 there will be more than improved known scenes, there will be some new redrawn stages like this one from Shinobi.

About the end of August I’ll be able to continue developing the game on a more or less constant basis, so you’ll see more news. V5 will not only consist of adding new material, basically most of the enemies have to be reprogrammed: their AI routines, improve the way they move on the screen, their attack conditions, add the attacks they’re missing like grabs and throws, create hash tables so there’s no “unblockable vs. unblockable attack” situation, improve animations and much more.

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