News for July 10th, 2008

Enemy palette editor

For the time being, only the alternative enemies palettes can be edited (as many as a kind of enemy has) but the original palettes remain untouched (ie. blue Galsia, yellow Signal, etc).

Enemy names editor

A new addition will be the ability to change every possible enemy name (NOT the characters’). As with the palettes, you can’t add new ones but in this case you can edit all of them.

Both of these editors are compatible with SORMaker.

Typography fix

The new typography corrects the colours and restores the shadow that was erroneously erased since the beginning. As you can notice in the above image, the texts are easier to read no matter the background.

Items improvement

A lot of the items featured in the v4 are directly taken out from other games, like Final Fight. For the v5 a lot of them are being redrawn into a more SOR-like style, so for example the orange has been modified and now “is served” on a dish, as the proper SOR apple does.
- There are other planned improvements, specially for changing some graphics effects.

When pressing the pause key, besides the usual continue/quit options there will be new information so the player knows the kinds and number of enemies that have been killed and the kinds and number of items that have been taken. Moreover, the system will assess our playing style and will give us better information when ending a game.

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