News for May 26th, 2008


This is a test of what the new jetski scene will be like. It’s not complete yet; I want to improve the water, put more layers in and make some corrections.
It’s an alternative route to the jungle stage: we’ll go down the river, passing waterfalls and caves to finally reach the sea (something like the unfinished v4 scene). The main goal is to create a completely different level to the motorbikes one so it’s not redundant.


- Added all of the original damage values for SOR1/2/3 enemies and bosses.
- Added all of the original damage values for player characters Axel, Blaze, Skate, Max, Zan and Adam.
- Added the correct damage values for weapons like knives, swords, bats et al.
- Improved the life restoring abilities of some items.
- Player characters roster goes up to 10. 3 of them won’t be revealed until the v5 is out; you can here see a summary of the main characters and their different selectable versions (they are not skins, all of them have exclusive moves done independently):
- Summary of the enemy roster for v5:
(this is NOT the final list, some enemies are still not there, like Garnet and SOR3 Storm).


- His special moves and attacks have improved a lot since the original damage values were added, specially the Atomic Drop which now eats about 70% of a lifebar.
- He’s somewhat faster, though obviously not as much as the rest of the characters.
- BUG: Can’t jump left or right when holding an enemy if the SOR2 jump type is chosen (fixed).


Some badly ripped enemies are being ripped again, like Mona/Lisa, Bruce and Robot X. An example:

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