News for May 17th, 2008

Example of what a blitz or special attack for Adam could be:

As we said, both his special moves and running animation are going to be improved.


The damage values for the enemies’ moves have been corrected following the internal SOR2 list, and SOR3 enemies’ moves damage have been modified based on the SOR2 ones. Bosses’ moves damage are still to be modified.

The most significant change is the nerfing of the basic punches, something that will help Max and Skate’s playability.

** Damage level still varies depending on the character stamina.


The stab and blood sound effects have been replaced for the correct ones.
The sword and club hit sound effects have been added, they all sounded the same before.

Several hit sound effects have been added to:

- Abadede’s uppercut.
- R. Bear’s punch combo.
- Y. Signal’s backhand.
- Falcon’s middle kick.
- Hakuyo’s energy ball and high kick.
- Many of Barbon’s moves.


The blood effect has been added to:

- Jack’s double slash.
- Galsia 1/2/3 running stab.
- Zamza, all of his attacks except the uppercut.
- Yamato, flying attacks.
- Ninjo, all of his attacks except punches.
- Sor 3 ninja, sword attack.
- Souther, all of his attacks.


1. Zan doesn’t burn when a Big Ben spits fire to him (added).
2. Pressing the Start button on a gamepad when a character dies pauses the game (old bug, modified, now you have to press the C button).
3. Player characters can be hit by bullets and explosions while calling the police (fixed).
4. The damage inflicted by the police varies depending on which player character calls them (fixed, it will indifferently inflict a full health bar).
5. Screen update problem that made palette swaps revert back for a single frame (fixed).
6. When playing a 2 player game, the character chosen by the second player on the character select screen could not thereafter be used in Survival mode (fixed).
7. There was a little bug when saving the state for the first time (fixed).
8. Problem with dead players’ hit boxes (fixed).
9. The number of lives for Mania difficulty level is now modifiable like in SOR2 (modified).
10. The CD-playing function has been taken out, it was troublesome and wouldn’t be useable for the game ports (modified).
11. Axes and shurikens can be deflected by jump-kicks and specials (added).

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