News for Mar. 19th, 2008

Since I (Bomberlink) don’t have much free time as of late, news updates won’t pop up so often but will have a little more content.

1. Enemies can block back attacks now, since it was very easy to knock blocking enemies down that way before. (added)

2. Many people will be reminded of the Genesis BIOS when looking at this image. This message’s function is clear, it replaces the one under the logo and is more specific and safe.

3. A WIP sample of what the new cutscenes will be like, coming again from Arth’s pencils.

4. The palette editor has been improved, having added 2 new features and 2 indicators.
“RESET” deletes the custom palette file and restores the original colours without having to set them manually again.
“UNDO” restores the last changed colour. Beware you can’t “UNDO” a “RESET”.

5. Autosave. There’s a slot reserved for saving the game at the current stage start, keeping score, lives and other game parameters.
The autosave will only trigger when:

  • The game is closed with Alt+X.
  • The game is closed through the window’s close (X) button.
  • A sudden/forced closing.

The autosave *WON’T* be triggered when getting a Game Over or quitting a game through the Pause menu.

Unlike in emulators, the autosave is not a “save state” feature. There are savepoints at every stage start only, and copied/restored autosave files WON’T work. If an autosave file exists it will be loaded right after the logo so you don’t have to go through the menus.

6. Small colour modification in the game logo, added a fade in.
7. Small rank screen modification, added a new background.

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