News for Jan. 14th, 2008

SOR3 shrine outer part completed :

Unlike in SOR3, the rest of the scenario goes after the shrine.

Kaleth improved his restaurant version (right-click on it and choose View Image from the context menu to see it with the proper aspect ratio) :


1. The last kick on the combo is now executed pressing the attack button at the proper time (like in SOR2/3). (added)
2. Kicks are conditional. If the attack button is pressed at the proper time a double kick will be performed, otherwise the first kick will knock enemies down (like in SOR2/3). (+)

1. Improve the back attack (attack + jump) making the jump longer and faster. (improved)

1. When holding an enemy and pressing the attack button a single hit is executed, in SOR3 you can execute a combo without having to press forward as well as the attack button. (modified)
2. The defensive special’s duration is now the same as in SOR3. (modified)

1. Walking vertically was almost the same as rolling. (Rolling improved. There is very little difference but is now as long as in SOR3).

BUGS (fixes / additions)
1. Games in duel and flag modes can end in a draw now. The counter froze and waited for an advantage before. (added)
2. Zan’s energy ball doesn’t explode or sound the same when hitting a player character. (fixed)
3. Error on the player characters when falling, specially while being hit by a knife-Galsia on the rolling ship. (checked, corrected)

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