News for 12-20-07

Is this ship sinking!?

(not really, it’s just a rotation test)

Like I said some months ago I was building a new scroll engine for the game, and while I do really use it on a new project already I hadn’t put it into SorR.
The stage rotation will be used to make explosions more intense and very possibly for a ship stage, but not a sinking one… can you imagine a stage where everything goes up and down like that?

Stage improvements:

It basically is the carpet and tiled floor that Kaleth drew for v4.
On a related note, I could initially only rip some of the stages due to time constraints and maybe improve their scroll or colours, so I wish to include some more details in them.

- Scroll is 33% faster with the new engine.
- Several processes’ inheritance fixes, which could lead to slowdowns before.
- Small performance improvement on the pub’s burning 1st floor scenario.

(Mr.X penthouse, initial : 59,866 KB, last : 42,188 KB)

  • File load optimization. ( – 600 KB )
  • Sound optimization. ( – 100 KB )
  • New scroll engine feature: 4/8/24 bits maps are useable now. ( – 1 MB )
  • Background load/unload of enemies in real time. ( – 4/8 MB ) *

* This makes sure that the enemies on screen are the only ones loaded into memory (this will be a configuration option since it can be intensive on old machines).

36,488 KB (approximate data, depending on the number of enemies on screen)

1. *While playing* If playing in window mode, the game will be paused if minimized. (added)
2. *While playing* If the Windows key is pressed, the game will be paused. (added)
3. If clicking on the window title bar X button the game will be closed. (added)

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