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Blog’s opening (11-23-07)

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

Welcome! This will be the new format for news about Streets of Rage Remake. As you might have noticed, the old development news have been added to the blog as well. I hope you like it!

Until today, we have been always «reading» the story from a single point of view, the good player characters’. We wanted to give it a twist and created the Villains mode.
It’s a game mode where we’ll have 4 enemy characters to choose from, 2 of them completely new; on a related note, Mr.X will be only playable in this mode, so the normal story mode will have a new allied character.

Villains will be a short game mode comprised of several stages sporting new material. Take a look at this:

As a novelty, Mr.X will fight without his trustworthy typewriter through the first part of it.


- Different versions of some characters were added:

- Current : SOR2/Beta customized
- New : BKIII

- Current : BKIII
- New : SOR1 remade
- New : BKII (uncensored)

- Current : BKIII
- New : SOR2

- New : Custom SOR2
- New : Custom BKIII
* Super Shiva will not be playable anymore

New versions won’t be a simple skin-swap; voices, hits’ SFX and some moves will be different between versions.

Inauguración del blog (23-11-07)

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

Bienvenidos! Este será el nuevo formato de noticias sobre Streets of rage remake, como habreis notado se han añadido todas las noticias a lo largo de los 4 años de desarrollo, espero que os guste.

Hasta ahora siempre hemos visto un punto de vista, el de los personajes. Hemos querido dar una vuelta de tuerca y crear el modo “Villanos”.
Un modo de juego donde tendremos 4 enemigos seleccionables, 2 de ellos totalmente nuevos, así como MrX pasará a ser exclusivo a este modo, el modo historia tendrá un nuevo aliado.
Será un modo corto, de varias fases, pero con material inédito, que mejor que una captura :

MrX a modo inédito, peleara en la primera parte del modo sin su clásica arma.


Añadidas distintas versiones seleccionables de algunos personajes

- Actual : Custom Sor2/beta
- Nueva : Bk3

- Actual : Bk3
- Nueva : Sor1 remake
- Nueva : Bk2 (no censurada)

- Actual : Bk3
- Nueva : Sor2

- Nueva : Custom Sor2
- Nueva : Custom Bk3
* Retirado Super shiva como personaje seleccionable

No serán un simple skin aplicado encima del personaje original, cambiaran las voces, el sonido de los golpes y algunos ataques seran diferentes o estaran disponibles en una versión o otra.

- Rayo del callejón optimizado, podía ralentizar el juego en equipos lentos.
- Sonido de ofensivo de Adam arreglado, solo sonaba en la primera fase.

- Sombras generadas en tiempo real, ya no se necesitan sombras preprocesadas, hay un importante ahorro de memoria.
- Paletas gestionadas por sprite en tiempo real, ya no se usan ficheros preprocesados.
* Ahorro moderado en memoria.
* Tiempos de carga acelerados, especialmente desde soportes lentos.
* Número de paletas ilimitado por SPRITE, antiguamente eran 4 (original + 2 custom por nivel + sombra).
- Corrección en carga/descarga de personaje, tanto los graficos como los sonidos no eran descargados hasta el paso entre fase y fase, acumulandose en memoria si tras un continue elegimos un personaje distinto.
- Resumen partiendo del escenario que más RAM consume, el de MrX :
- 59.866 KB -
* Sombras (- 8,8 MB)
* Paletas (- 3,4 MB)
* Optimización sonido ( – 110 KB)
* Optimización ficheros ( – 1,2 MB )

13,51 MB => 46.356 KB

Seguire trabajando en la reducción de memoria.


Saturday, November 3rd, 2007


- Optimized the back alley lightning, it could slow the game down when using an old computer.
- Adam’s offensive special sound works now, it only did so on the first stage before.

- Real-time generated shadows so there are no preprocessed shadows anymore, resulting in a good memory saving.
- Palettes are managed on a per-sprite basis in real-time, there are no preprocessed files anymore.
* Moderate memory saving.
* Reduced load times, specially in slow environments.
* Unlimited number of palettes per sprite, removing the old limit of 4 (original + 2 per-level custom ones + shadow).
- Character loading/unloading fixed, both graphics and sound were not unloaded until finishing a stage, staying in memory if another character was chosen when using a continue.
- Memory saving example on the most memory intensive stage, Mr.X’s penthouse:

v4.01 Mr.X stage memory footprint – 59.866 KB -

* Shadows (- 8,8 MB)
* Palettes (- 3,4 MB)
* Sound optimization ( – 110 KB)
* File optimization ( – 1,2 MB )

Total saving: 13,51 MB

v5.x Mr.X stage memory footprint – 46.356 KB -

I will still continue on reducing the memory footprint further.

New info on SORMAKER :
The program/editor is currently another executable in the same folder, though I’ve not decided yet if the games created with it will work as a separate program or as a new game modes inside SorR.

Well let me explain some specs about SorMaker. These would be the instructions on how to begin a mod:

- Start screen, mod title (using a PNG file, max =320×240)
The menu screen will be shown as a single image with two selectable options:
1 player
2 players
* Extra options might be added, showing a minimal configuration interface like in the original SOR games.

To create a level you have to provide some parameters.
1st parameter: Level type.

Normal (map size examples : 320×240, 32768×240, “x”x240)
Dir. 1 : Left to right
Dir. 2 : Right to left
Events : earthquake (to simulate a moving truck, train, etc)

Diagonal (map size needed : “>320″x480)
Dir. 1 : Left to right
Dir. 2 : Right to left

Elevator (map size needed : 320x”>240″)
Dir. 1 : Upwards
Dir. 2 : Downwards
Dir. 3 : Diagonal
Events : Stop/start, change speed, some other unspecified things.

Jetski / motorcycle
Dir. 1 : Left to right
Dir. 2 : Right to left

Boat (map size needed : “>320″x260)
Dir. 1 : Left to right
Dir. 2 : Right to left

2nd parameter : Main layer (PNG file). You might load multiple maps to create an animated layer.

3rd parameter : Background layers (not mandatory). Load a bunch of multiple maps, define scroll speed and define animation.

4th parameter : Level collisions. Define the space where the chars can move.

5th parameter : SFX (provided by SorR) (not mandatory).
- Fire, deformation.
- Red alert.
- Rain.
- Palette roll.
- Atmosphere.
- et al.

6th parameter : Music (OGG format).
Type 1 : loop (single OGG file).
Type 2 : intro + loop (2 files needed).

7th parameter : Cutscene (not mandatory).
- Separated into steps. Every step can contain:
* PNG image or animation (Size limit : 320×200).
* Text (2 lines, 30 characters per line).
* Portrait.

8th parameter : Stage number (unlimited).


This one is the next section :

Tools :
- Add objects, enemies, items and events.
- Camera steps, where the camera stops.
- Load / save progress.
- Undo / redo step.

Some limits here are decided by the user, but some are managed by the program :

Max. on-screen enemies : 10 being managed, who wants play with 50 enemies on screen ? This limit will help to you to make a playable game Very Happy .
Max. on-screen items : 10
Max. destructible objects : 10
Max. harmful elements : 20
Max. per-enemy-type different palettes on screen : Now unlimited
Events : 999 per stage.

The most important step to make a non-repetitive game are events :

This is a WIP menu from a stage selected as normal, the events are changed to increase the exclusive options.

* The stages are named from 1 to infinite instead of stage1a, stage2c, et al. So if you want a “stage 1 clear, stage 2 start” screen after defeating a boss you’ll have to do it using an event.

Limits :
- 1 mode : 1 or 2 players.
- You can’t make unlockable stuff.

This is all for the meantime.