News for 11-30-2007

By popular demand, a confirmation dialog has been added to the Quit option in the in-game pause menu.

This is a complex issue and one of the worse setbacks, since it happens due to several individuals ripping sprites each one their own way.

- Currently fixing bike-riding characters palette errors.
- Currently fixing jetski-riding characters palette errors.
- Skate and Zan particular attacks palette errors fixed.
- Dirt bike palette errors fixed.

An image of the outcome.

Some current enemy characters will sport visual improvement:
- SOR3 Bruce and Mona/Lisa have to be ripped out again so they don’t have a black outline anymore.
- Robot X has to be ripped out again since its current sprite set is weirdly resized. o_O
Still checking for more visual inconsistencies.

ENEMY LIST (to be added)
- SOR2 Big Ben.
- SOR3 Y.Signal.
- SOR2 Ninja.
- SOR3 Storm.
- The new police characters.

1. When throwing a weapon, the combo finisher action (holding the attack button down) sometimes cancels, specially when using Skate. (fixed)
2. Enemies don’t hit a player character while he/she is hitting with a weapon at the same time. (fixed)
3. Enemies don’t attack a player character using their basic moves while he/she is hitting with a weapon. (fixed)
4. The pepper shaker will break on hitting the floor if the player character gets hit and drops it. (added)
5. The path routes for leaving characters is vague, with them sometimes going down for going up later. (improved)
6. The moment of picking up a weapon a player character can attack executing the weapon-specific move without actually holding the object yet. (fixed)
7. Memory error when using Battle mode many times, specifically when selecting player again or exiting the revenge menu. (fixed)
8. The rolling barrels at the construction site would disappear if they were hit by a thrown enemy. (fixed)
9. The rolling barrels at the construction site would reflect differently depending on which side were they hit. (fixed)

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