News for 11-29-2007

Even though new material is an important part of the project it’s useless if there’s no good engine to use it, so that’s why I’m working now on two significative issues: optimizing it and make the formula more playable, varied and fun.

- Summary of improvements based on the most memory-taxing scene, Mr.X’s :
- Before: 46.356 KB -

* Sound loading optimization ( – 3,1 MB )
* File loading optimization ( – 1,1 MB )

42.188 KB

1. Music glitches when looping a track using the new SDL libraries. (code-patched)
2. Objects may hit walls so they don’t look like going through them. (added)
3. Music sounds even having the volume set to zero when the game is paused. The volume drop when pausing is not proportional with the music volume setting. (fixed)
4. Picking up an item while there’s scrolling makes the characters slide. (fixed)
5. Mr.X’s penthouse carts don’t look too right when running. (improved)
6. Leaves falling from plants don’t scroll correctly. (fixed)
7. Police bombing ends knocking the enemies down. (added)
8. You can’t execute the combo finisher when holding a weapon. (added)


1. The headbutt should be made slightly more damaging

1. In SORR, she moves a bit too fast; she’s faster than Skate, actually. Her walking and running speed should be slowed down a little.
2. Blitz attack should be fixed, as it is now it’s almost impossible to hit anyone with it, and deals very low damage anyway

1. Improve overall damage, he is too weak right now
2. Offensive special is too powerful, to the point of being cheap
3. Defensive special drains more life than the damage it inflicts to enemies; this should be fixed.

1. The elbow strike should be slightly more powerful

1. Offensive special is too powerful, and should be toned down somewhat

1. You should be able to use a defensive special when you’re stunned/getting hit. This removes a LOT of enemy cheapness.
2. Everybody’s Defensive Specials should be slightly stronger (except Zan’s, which already is quite powerful)
3. Pause when you hit something (especially with weapons) to simulate the move connecting like in SOR2. This makes moves, particularly weapons, less spammable (as well as making it seem like you’re not punching paper bags like in SOR3).

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