As you might have noticed, neither the download nor the main download page are nowhere in the website anymore, with the latter having been swapped with a simple gallery. I haven’t even posted about the game progress for a long time.Truth be told, since April we have a copyright problem with some association which isn’t even related to SEGA. We know that our game is freeware, non-profit making and a homage to the SOR saga, so while we clear this issue, here’s some more news:

- A “freeware game” message has been added so we can keep the game from being sold, and a Windows version installation might be added.

- The game material will be both packed and encrypted*.
- It won’t be possible to edit the game directly, but character/enemy mods will be appendable using SorMaker.


- Shadows code rewritten. The memory footprint will be the same for either the round and the reflected shadows.
- Visual correction. Shadows won’t mix up between them. An example on how they should not be:

- Particles added; on the lift gearworks, on some explosions, on metals clashing, et al:

- SOR2 stars added to bosses. Both the star count and the energy will vary depending on the difficulty level and the number of players:

- New scroll engine. The one I made in 2003 was obsolete and quite limited, so I have included the last I made.


* Parallax scroll, free 8-way movement with possibility to go back to take an alternate route, free camera following for the Flag mode.
* Unlimited number of layers.
* Unlimited map size without need for tiles, which eases map creation in SorMaker.
* FX: Rotation (pirate ship), resizing, deforming, background destruction, lighting, scroll with transparencies.

Official note about the game ports

On many forums I’ve found a lot of confusion about this subject. I’d like to say that ports won’t be worked on until version 5x is out. The ports are:

GP2X, There’s already a very early test. The FPS count shown does not match the speed. Due to the state of the GP2X Fenix version we can’t use the 64MB total nor the second core to accelerate graphics, so a lot of stages don’t work.

XBOX. Version 4.01b does have a port created by A600 from Eol, but it will stay unreleased until version 5x is out. The game works flawlessly at 60fps with the 2xSai filter applied.

The planned ports are:
PSP Slim. Since this version enables the full 333Mhz speed and features 64MB of RAM it’s perfectly portable, although means to reduce RAM usage are being worked on. The previous PSP model is not planned to be supported.

Linux, Same game version. There will be a PowerPC version so it should run on a PS3 with Linux installed.

SOR1 enemies come back

With a new look. Here’s 2 edits thanks to Sonic:



And, of course, the rest will come back as well Wink

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