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Update 12-6-07

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

– There will be a shop instead of the points system used to unlock secrets.
Now, when you complete the game, the amount of cash (as in money bag or coin items) you get through your game will be taken apart and added to a separate total; that money will be used to buy the unlockable features. New things will be available to buy there (the SorMaker being one of them) while other ones will come initially unlocked.

- SORR v4.x savegames WILL NOT be compatible, due to the game being different.

- Some game modes will have new options, Survival and Palette Editor modes being two of them.

- The current stages will be overhauled in terms of enemy placement.

Novedades 12-6-07

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

Nuevos niveles en construcción

Planes sobre el desarrollo :

- En esta ocasión habra una tienda, desaparece la forma de conseguir puntos para desbloquear secretos, cada vez que completemos el juego se nos contara por separado la cantidad de dinero recogido durante la partida y se sumará a un total, con ese dinero podremos comprar las cosas bloqueadas, apareceran cosas nuevas que comprar, entre ellas SorMaker vendrá bloqueado, otras en cambio vendrán directamente desbloqueadas.
- Los savegames de la versión v4.x NO seran compatibles, lo que quiere decir que el juego va a ser diferente.
- Algunos modos tendran nuevas opciones, entre ellos el modo asalto y el editor de paletas.
- Reestructuración de fases a nivel de enemigos.

Stages 2-6-07

Saturday, June 2nd, 2007

This is a shot of one of the planned new stages that Bomberlink mentioned in the previous post. This particular scenery is currently planned to have 4 scroll layers (the building itself is two layers apart from the “walking layer” so no wonder the door and windows look little compared to dear Galsia) and a nifty graphical effect.

As you can guess, it’s the yard of a prison… How and why will you go there? Will you have to enter the proper prison building? QuestionQuestionQuestion

More in v5! Wink