SorMaker ! (11-5-07)

Truth be told, this tool would have served me good before starting to script every one of my stages. Laughing

The new feature:

- It’s a new game mode, where we’d totally be the main characters. Don’t you like the main plot? Do you think you could fight against 3 versions of Shiva at the same time and win?
No problem. After so many ideas on how to make a SoR game, the new mode will let us do it using a visual interface and independently from the main plot. Let’s see a work-in-progress shot of the editor:

Concept: To create a mini SorR as an independent game mode, without affecting the original game, and be able to share ir. This idea comes basically from creating the new tool for designing new stages.

It will use the same engine, everything will be done, the game options would affect this mode as well… only you would assemble the jigsaw the way you like it.

0. Support for cutscenes through events, both between stages and in-game. In a few words, a different plot from start to end.

1. The way of loading maps is external, using PNG files. The tool will transform them into game-compatible tiles, the only restriction being that the map width has to be a multiple of 64 and height has to be either 240, 260 or 480, with 320×240 being the smallest map possible. You will be able to load the music for that map as well in OGG format, choose music continuity between maps, and assign it as an intro + loop music as well.

2. Possibility of loading extra layers, both over and under the main layer, maybe animated.

3. Possibility of choosing scene properties, for example choosing it as a boat scenery it will have the classical rolling, as well as being able to create motorbike scenes, right-to-left scenes et al.

4. The full enemy roster will be there for you to put in from the very beginning without having to adhere to any pre-established order, so you can decide if Galsia is the big boss. Laughing

5. Freely put in any objects and choose what do they contain, or put in items directly.

6. Events support, so you can decide when does it rain, when does a lightning strike, when something explodes or a cutscene happens. Those are some examples of the events you will be able to put in.

This is basically the whole game script but having a visual interface editing tool. It’s currently in progress so I can’t say much more about it. Razz

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