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Update 24-4-07

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

BUGS (58/x.. probably not much more)
47. When you bring a weapon you can’t do the “combo attack” (hold attack button then release) obviously, this was permitted in sor2 & 3
48. bug with secret character shiva, he can’t throw or slam the 2nd player even with damage on, the other player is just stunned for a moment in the grabbed animation state before reacting like they’ve been knocked over.
49. fix the invicibility problem of enemies when they get up (or maybe its a feature of the remake?).
50. Stage 8: CPU friend isn´t able to walk through the door to Mr X´s room.
51. To take Northern routes you sometimes first have to go to the bottom of the screen (Nightclub) or lose the opportunity if you just take a few steps forward when fighting the Garnet standing up from the park bench in level 3. (You also have to walk toward the fence instead of the exit to enter the route.)
52. Sometimes when Zan does his grapple move where he lifts an enemy up and then slams him down in front of him, the enemy gets stuck in a hunched over position. Only “police call” does resolve the situation then.
53. In the cutscene in stage 1 after you defeat Jet, Blaze’s sprite is shown in front of the fallen body instead of behind it.
54. When fighting SOR2 Shiva (stage , there are moments where he moves even when he is in his stance, making it look like he is ‘sliding’. It happens fairly often, usually when he decides to finish a walking session (i.e. goes back to his stance).
55. AGAIN Signal throw me but my character remain on the floor frozen and my partner get thrown
(err fixed)
56. Skate’s double kick grab (grab an enemy and press backward plus attack button) hits only one time producing low damage(& becoming a useless grab)
57. the cpu partner (max-agressive) would not advance to the next area because they were walking into a wall(time runs out)
58. the cpu partener (skate-balanced) appears facing both directions at the same time when i was selecting the path in the bar

- No completed yet


- 7 new stages added
- 6 new wip songs

Scans of Restaurant & Outside the train concept :

1. Remake some sor1 enemies
2. Full sor2 route like a new way
3. New stages
4. New songs for the new stages
5. Some new enemies from Adrimus
6. New moves for the chars

Novedades 24-4-07

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

- 7 fases nuevas añadidas
- 6 nuevas canciones wip

Capturas del restaurante y de la nueva fase fuera del tren :

1. Rehacer algunos enemigos de sor1
2. La ruta principal del juego será sor2, los caminos alternativos haran que el juego sea diferente
3. Nuevas fases, como las mostradas arriba
4. Nuevas melodias para las nuevas fases
5. Algunos nuevos enemigos que Adrimus ira mostrando por aquí
6. Añadir movimientos que faltan a algunos personajes o crearlos para que todos puedan realizar acciones como los personajes de sor3