Update 7-2-07

- HQ2x filter added (i don’t like much , looks blurred .. also VERY slow)
HQ2x :
2Xscale :

- Sor portraits cheat

Features planned
- 2 Joysticks support
- True Scanlines method

BUGS (38/x..)
33. If you are in the exit sequence and lose all of your lives, the timer does NOT stop while the “press 1p start” message is flashing or while you are selecting the character you want to use. I lost 3 or 4 seconds during the battle with Super Shiva because of this and that cost me the game!
34. Btw what about the issue that enemies can go offscreen while you canĀ“t. They even can hide offscreen for quite a while and wait for you to come to the fringe to beat you up – while still offscreen. Was that ever marked as a bug? Anyway, I think that once an enemy is onscreen, his movement range should be limited to the visible area
35. Enemies can be blocked by objects out of screen freezing the game (examples : stage5, sor1 boat)
36. When you start a new game, in the first level you earn some points by killing thugs, when the police car run into the stage (and this is weird) but player 2 gains less points!
37. If you lose in Round II and Ash is jumping before the screen fade, he will stay highlighted, even above the “GAME OVER” letters.
38. Some glitchs when grabbing and throwing enemies near a wall

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