Update 14-2-07

- 2 joysticks support
New graphic modes :
- 2xscale without filter
- True scanlines method, better and faster
New :

Old :

Bugs (46/x)
39. SuperShiva voices changed fighting with Shiva robot
40. In level 7 (I think, it’s the one with the barrels falling), at the second barrel-falling part, it looks like some invisible punch kept smacking the barrel to the right. I think it was because there was a lot of fighting going on in the area, and someone smacked a barrel to the right, but it got stuck so now it thinks someone’s hitting it at that same spot every time.
41. Okay, these are some retarded barrels — I’ll lose an entire life getting hit by one and I’m barely near it, but they’ll go RIGHT through the baddies. That and it’s kind of difficult to time a hit so you’ll actually hit the barrel at all.
Those barrels are working for Mr. X.
42. When you enter a new scene, the enemies seem to come out at a predetermined time, giving slow characters like Max the disadvantage of possibly getting hit before he can move.
43. I’m sure everyone has noticed this and don’t really care about it but on Stage 4-3, the harbour level, before the screen loads and after you finish (During the score calculation) you still hear the wave noise being played in the background every few seconds.
44. When you execute the cop special with a “motorcycle thug” on screen, he gets hit, but he doesn’t fall off the bike nor dies.
45. When playing in 2P mode with “damage between players” set to NO:
If the players are close to each other and someone (in most cases, Signal) tries to throw one of the players, the other one freezes, becomes invincible and the enemies cannot notice him! The other player who’s still moving and able to perform all the moves becomes helpless! Also, the stage can’t be continued!
(FIXED : Ysignal,Barbon,Ninja,Bronz,Gold,Silver)
46. I was playing on the bike stage and when donovan and his truck appears I went into the upper right hand corner and It disabled all my movement and I could only walk forward, and not by free will either.
(¿? Anyway checked)

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