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Novedades después del último release (28-2-07)

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Cambios desde la 4.01b :

- Portado a Linux
- Colisiones mejoradas
* Colisiones con precisión de pixel
* Arregladas colisiones en proyectiles
- Multiples barras de vida creadas, con colorines y estrellas (sor2)
- Un nuevo modo de juego añadido
- Todos los problemas de petadas aleatorias solucionado de raiz
- Puede que cambie el sistema de partidas y no sean compatibles **
- Mejoras en el sistema de sonido
* En especial golpes especificos de enemigos, ahora suenan como en sor

- Añadidos cortes y amputaciones, si alguien sigue el proyecto desde hace tiempo recordará que fue planeado

– Añadido filtro HQ2x
(2xscale actual)
** Es extremadamente lento, mientras el juego siga funcionando por software no podrá ir mejor

- Añadido Scanlines real

(Nuevo metodo, más rápido)

(metodo antiguo)

– Y más filtros en teclas de acceso directo .. :
F1 – modo 320×240 sin filtros
F2 – 2xscale (640×480)
F3 – Hq2x (640×480)
F4 – Scanlines (640×480)
F5 – modo 640×480 sin filtros

- Caras de los personajes en intros, pantalla de selección modificables mediante cheats o opción (por decidir) para la siguiente release, tipos :
- Sor
- Bk
- Remake

- Mejoras en joystick
* Soporte para 2 joysticks simultaneos

- Mejoras para joystick por decidir ** requieren DirectX 8.0 o superior **
1. Soporte POV (cruceta independiente en joysticks con cruceta y analogicos)
2. Soporte de 2 analagicos y throttle
3. Vibración y distintos tipos de vibración, por ejemplo de tipo helicoptero, golpe ,etc .. para joysticks que soporten force feedback

- Aumento del rendimiento reducción de requerimientos a p2 350 mhz
- Menos de 64 MB para funcionar, picos de 14 a 48 MB dependiendo del número de transparencias o modo sombra seleccionados

Test de fps realizado en un Pentium M 735 1,7 GHZ : 



- Más de 47 bugs corregidos, algunos vitales, otros menos importantes, pero todos molestos xD.
- Lista de mejoras para personajes planificada

- Reemplazando fases en lugares que tengan más sentido

– Añadiendo nuevas rutas alternativas y fases

- Nuevas canciones añadidas, otras reemplazadas (campo de beisbol, tunel del parque de atracciones, etc)

Update 26-2-07

Monday, February 26th, 2007

- Finishing all bugs detected (bugtrack very soon)
- Starting Chars improvements

1. Replace the current running special with 3 stars SOR3 special
2. The headbutt should be made slightly more damaging
3. Last kick on combo should only come out if button-presses are timed correctly.Blaze
1. Blitz attack should be fixed, as it is now it’s almost impossible to hit anyone with it, and deals very low damage anyway
2. Running special should be more powerful (and maybe replaced with the complete 3 star SOR3 special)
3. In SORR, she moves a bit too fast; she’s faster than Skate, actually. Her walking and running speed should be slowed down a little.

1. Improve overall damage, he is too weak right now
2. Offensive special is too powerful, to the point of being cheap
3. Give him the SoR 3 3-star blitz as his running special
4. Add the Corkscrew Kick as a new B + A special (… or not)
5. Improve the backwards attack (attack + jump) by making the jump longer and faster. Like it is in BK3.
6. Improve the grab finisher Back + Attack (Roller Uppercut) by making it hit two times.
7. Defensive special drains more life than the damage it inflicts to enemies; this should be fixed.

1. Offensive special is too powerful, and should be toned down somewhat
2. Running special makes you invincible, thus making it too effective for spamming bosses to death.
3. In SORR, grabbing an enemy and then pressing B causes a single, low powered slap (which is the last hit of his flurry, anyway); grabbing an enemy and pressing ->+ B, B, B causes Zan’s flurry combo. In SOR3, instead, Zan’s flurry combo is done by grabbing the enemy, and then pressing only B, B, B. He has no ->+B attack after having grabbed an enemy. Zan’s SORR frontal grabs should be modified to match the SOR3 ones.

1. Offensive special needs to be more powerful
2. Back throws should be more powerful too (especially the Atomic Drop)
3. He should be able to hit backwards when using a pipe or a katana (as in SOR2)
4. Slide should stun or knock down depending on the distance
5. Grab detection should be fixed, so that his Running Special will become actually useful for stunning enemies and opening up room for grabbing, instead of leaving him vulnerable.
6. When doing his neckbreaker, a lot of enemies almost never attack him. While enemies did receive an aggression reduction in SOR2 when he does the neckbreaker, the amount of reduction in SORR is ridiculous and makes the move very cheap. Part of the disadvantage of the move is supposed to be that you will get hit out of it if another enemy’s close to you.
7. Maybe a slight speed upgrade to make him adapt better to the faster pace of SORR (Alternative: Rework the enemy AI to be more aggressive and less dodgy, thus killing two birds with one stone).
8. The time that there was to deliver his butt-breaker and power-bomb was a lot longer than the time to execute the moves in the remake, you have to virtually press c and b at the same time to get the moves to execute. This needs to be addressed.
9. His Atomic Drop can’t hit other enemies.
10. You can’t move left or right when Max jumps with an enemy in SOR2 jump mode.
11. Possible improvement of the hook punch in his combo? Although it will look better if General #2 is implemented, there is still a hit missing in it (the second one).

1. Needs a better and more powerful offensive special (or make the current one a lot more damaging, and add special effects to it)
2. Needs a running special (beta Tiger Uppercut seems appropriate)
3. Blitz attack should be slightly more powerful
4. The last kick of his combo should, sometimes, knock enemies far away, as it was in SOR1
5. He needs a more natural running animation.

1. Needs more frontal grabs
2. Fireball should be slightly more powerful [don't really agree with this... - by Atro City]
3. The Shoryuken (running special) should be fixed, as it is now it’s hard to get all the hits in, and deals less damage than the Final Crash, making it basically useless
4. The elbow strike should be slightly more powerful (same as Axel’s headbutt)
5. Maybe add a Shiva -> Super Shiva transformation as “police special”, which would temporarily enhance his strenght and abilities (be it either timed, or life-decreasing) [pretty controversial, I personally think it goes against Shiva's character and makes him imbalanced - by Atro City]
6. Change pipe and katana animation, if possible
7. Suggestion for flurry combo: hook punch, hook punch (the ones he has in both SOR2 and SOR3 as CPU enemy), double kick (low -> high, the low one using CPU Super Shiva low kick animation)

Mr. X
1. Needs grab moves.
2. Tone down standing jump kick.
3. Proper regular combo.
4. Gun smack with improved damage, range, and SOR2 sound.
5. (Optional) Punk backup police special, as detailed in this thread:
6. His forward jump kick looks really goofy.

1. Blitz spam limit/recovery time.
2. Pause when you hit something (especially with weapons) to simulate the move connecting like in SOR2. This makes moves, particularly weapons, less spammable (as well as making it seem like you’re not punching paper bags like in SOR3).
3. Restore SOR2 damage levels for the characters’ moves that were in SOR2 (since the multiple lifebars are being added).
4. You should be able to use a defensive special when you’re stunned/getting hit. This removes a LOT of enemy cheapness.
5. Everybody’s Defensive Specials should be slightly stronger (except Zan’s, which already is quite powerful)
6. Implement missing weapon blitzes/specials.
7. Add team throws
8. Make rolling more useful (like in SOR3). Right now the same vertical change in position can be achieved by walking down.
9. Only Shiva, Max and Skate should be able to throw Big Bens.

1. Skate shouldn’t be so good with the heavier weapons (pipe, etc)
2. Add the bottle
3. Guns should be powered up, especially the bazooka. If it’s only one shot, it should do 2/3 of a lifebar or so of damage, and have the explosion of an exploding barrel when it hits, as well as some splash damage.
4. Add a shotgun?
5. Give Blaze her SOR2 pipe/sword swing.

- Replacing stages in better places, adding more stages, different paths :

(work in progress)
- Adding new songs for the new stages, also Baseball song has changed

Update 14-2-07

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

- 2 joysticks support
New graphic modes :
- 2xscale without filter
- True scanlines method, better and faster
New :

Old :

Bugs (46/x)
39. SuperShiva voices changed fighting with Shiva robot
40. In level 7 (I think, it’s the one with the barrels falling), at the second barrel-falling part, it looks like some invisible punch kept smacking the barrel to the right. I think it was because there was a lot of fighting going on in the area, and someone smacked a barrel to the right, but it got stuck so now it thinks someone’s hitting it at that same spot every time.
41. Okay, these are some retarded barrels — I’ll lose an entire life getting hit by one and I’m barely near it, but they’ll go RIGHT through the baddies. That and it’s kind of difficult to time a hit so you’ll actually hit the barrel at all.
Those barrels are working for Mr. X.
42. When you enter a new scene, the enemies seem to come out at a predetermined time, giving slow characters like Max the disadvantage of possibly getting hit before he can move.
43. I’m sure everyone has noticed this and don’t really care about it but on Stage 4-3, the harbour level, before the screen loads and after you finish (During the score calculation) you still hear the wave noise being played in the background every few seconds.
44. When you execute the cop special with a “motorcycle thug” on screen, he gets hit, but he doesn’t fall off the bike nor dies.
45. When playing in 2P mode with “damage between players” set to NO:
If the players are close to each other and someone (in most cases, Signal) tries to throw one of the players, the other one freezes, becomes invincible and the enemies cannot notice him! The other player who’s still moving and able to perform all the moves becomes helpless! Also, the stage can’t be continued!
(FIXED : Ysignal,Barbon,Ninja,Bronz,Gold,Silver)
46. I was playing on the bike stage and when donovan and his truck appears I went into the upper right hand corner and It disabled all my movement and I could only walk forward, and not by free will either.
(¿? Anyway checked)

Update 7-2-07

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

- HQ2x filter added (i don’t like much , looks blurred .. also VERY slow)
HQ2x :
2Xscale :

- Sor portraits cheat

Features planned
- 2 Joysticks support
- True Scanlines method

BUGS (38/x..)
33. If you are in the exit sequence and lose all of your lives, the timer does NOT stop while the “press 1p start” message is flashing or while you are selecting the character you want to use. I lost 3 or 4 seconds during the battle with Super Shiva because of this and that cost me the game!
34. Btw what about the issue that enemies can go offscreen while you can´t. They even can hide offscreen for quite a while and wait for you to come to the fringe to beat you up – while still offscreen. Was that ever marked as a bug? Anyway, I think that once an enemy is onscreen, his movement range should be limited to the visible area
35. Enemies can be blocked by objects out of screen freezing the game (examples : stage5, sor1 boat)
36. When you start a new game, in the first level you earn some points by killing thugs, when the police car run into the stage (and this is weird) but player 2 gains less points!
37. If you lose in Round II and Ash is jumping before the screen fade, he will stay highlighted, even above the “GAME OVER” letters.
38. Some glitchs when grabbing and throwing enemies near a wall