Update 21-1-07

I started my work again

SorR v4.01b => v4.02

- LINUX port maked & added for the new patch
- COLLISIONS improved
* Collisions with pixel precision
* Fixed bullet collisions
- MULTIPLE LIFEBARS added (by nightwolf)
- SOR2 star lifebar added (by nightwolf)
- New secret mode added (by nightwolf)
- A bug in the processes inheritance system has been found on Fenix, all of the crashes for all of the systems are fixed
- Hacked savegames detection (just a advice showed if you are using one)
- SOUND engine improved

BUGS (14/50)

1. Okay, I figured out why I wasn’t able to grab my opponent in 2P Battle mode…
When you put “no” on Damage Between Players, you can’t grab the other person in 2P Battle. HOWEVER, you can still punch/kick/whatever them, just no grabbing.
When you put “yes” on Damage Between Players, you CAN grab them.
I didn’t think Damage Between Players was supposed to affect 2P Battle, but apparently it does?
(Now fixed)
2. In the last scene in Stage 8, it seems the timer is never reset, and thus you’re almost guaranteed to die of a time over if you try to get through in one life.
3. And, not sure if it is intended, but whenever I fall off the screen (in the Rooftop Run or on the Buildingside Elevator) I lose 2 lives as opposed to
4. I fall off the screen (in the Rooftop Run or on the Buildingside Elevator) when i have 1 live and I lose a continue.
5. I was playing as Shiva and fighting against Nail in the jungle. Once I killed all the other minor enemies, Shiva walked right off of the right side of the screen and advanced to the next area without having to kill Nail.
6. Abadede replaced on stage8 by other boss
7. Score counter
8. SShiva running
9. I just defeated a Orihime and Yasha with the Police Call attack, and it went to slo-mo as they were defeated and now it’s running like that for the rest of the game.
10. In the arcade level scene with the “pirates door”, a “Y-signal” is
still walking around in the walls now and then.
11. Stage 8: the cutscene with Mr X sometimes starts even though there are still two enemies left (outside the screen). They then punch you and you´re helpless because you gotta watch the cutscene.
12. Stage 8: at Mr X´s throne room, Shiva says “I´m ready to fight” even if he´s not here.
13. The first (8-12?) barrels in the motorbike level don’t give you points.
14. When fighting SoR3 Jet on the harbour, he fell under the ground after I used a police special. Axel and Blaze then started walking towards the water and the music faded out. Wouldn’t let me pause and exit and I had no control at all and had to quit

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