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Update 7-9-06

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

As we are approaching the release date, I’ll clarify some doubts:

- Contents -

Everything that was officially promised will be there.

8 characters, 2 of them are secret ones.
45 locations amongst multiple paths.
8 whole stages.
New intro and cutscenes.
A total of 4 different endings.
50 enemies, some of them having new attack techniques, some of them having intros, with every original name included.
36 breakable objects.
10 weapons.
3 different guns.
New and complete OST, composed of around 30 different tracks.

- Download and date -

Every registered user will be notified through e-mail the moment the game is ready for downloading.

The download size will be around 70MB.

The game will be a single file, so in principle this version will not let to view or modify the files.

There could be some delaying, I know it does not look good, but there are always last hour unexpected events (like some undelivered goods that I’ve got to do myself). The release date could be delayed a week more than expected, being this month the expected time to release the game.