We have thought often about how the police call from SOR1 could be implemented in SORR in a more realistic way. In SOR1, we could make a police call where, by magic, none of the heroes were hit by the devastating blast.

In SORR, there will be two types of police calls :

When you press the “police” button while not moving, a helicopter (not shown in this screenshot) comes and drops a rung and cable ladder to save the heroes from the big blast.

The character calling the police will jump and hang himself at the ladder automatically, and then we will be able to press the “police” button one more time to make the actual attack (an area damaging attack), in a safe position. But if you play with a 2nd player, you will have to care for him, because that 2nd player will have to go under the ladder and jump manually in order to hang to it and not to undergo the same fate as the enemies Laughing Hopefully, the 1st player, while hanging, should be able to move the helicopter manually towards the 2nd player to catch him… or not Laughing

However, if we press the “police” button while walking or running (forward + POLICE), the police car will come instead :

Its purpose will be to run over the enemies. In this case, Blaze jumps automatically to avoid the car. This attack should damage less enemies than the helicopter attack since it’s more an in-line damaging attack (while the helicopter attack damages the whole area). So to compensate that, the car will drop bonus items like ammo or food for example before leaving Very Happy

Of course, depending on what location you are in, you won’t be able to call the police car and/or the police helicopter (for example, only the helicopter will come if you are on a boat or on a roof, and you won’t be able to call neither of both when you are inside a building).

At the score count at the end of the stage, you will get a bonus if you didn’t use the police call.

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