Update 24-5-06


NAME allows you to enter your (nick)name so that your score is recorded in the “RANKING” without being forced to re-enter your name every time.
DATE OF BIRTH keeps some surprises for the player, while AGE will be displayed directly according to the date of birth.
COUNTRY and SEX are simple entries.
FAVOURITE CHARACTER forces the program to highlight your favourite character first when you enter the “SELECT PLAYER” screen (meaning not Axel for player 1 or Blaze for player 2).
PROFILE SELECTED FOR shows which player the profile has been selected for (player 1 or player 2). Obviously, there is only one profile selectable for each player (all other profiles will be marked as “NONE”).

We can save up to 9 different profiles, in case there are several people who will play the game.

If online features are implemented in the future, the invitation of somebody to play online will include information according to this profile.

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