Motorbikes 25-3-06

From the hand of Adrian Matos (Adrimus) comes one of the most interesting features of SORR : the re-creation of the sprites representing the characters riding a motorbike, for the lost stages from SOR3 Very Happy

Big Max driving with only one hand. He is so big that he almost doesn’t fit on the moto Laughing

Our goal will be to drive at full speed :

(thanks SupremeRuler Wink)

Of course, it won’t be a relaxed trip, as our characters will be attacked and may be hit :

But the stages are not limited to driving without being hit ; our characters will be able to attack too :

Here, we see Axel preparing a retro attack.

Skate preparing an artistic move Wink

The stages (2 in total) will be varied, with obstacles on the ground and several enemy types attacking in different means of transport.

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